About Me

I'm Shannon. I classify myself as a hood city hippie girl who lives in Denver and loves every minute of it. I'm a mommy to a beautiful sassy little girl who you will see often in my blog since she is a natural in front of the camera - hence the title of this blog. Here's a quick run-down of myself so you can know more about me:
  • Sewing and Creating is my passion for over 19 years.
  • My number one goal this year is to finally believe in my designs and open up my own shop.
  • When I go over anyone's house I secretly hope they just made some food so I can guilt trip them into giving me some.
  • I live to go experience 'Live Music' - it's my number one way to boost my creativity and clear my mind.
  • I try to make sure I laugh for over 80% of my day. Nothing beats a good laugh.
I hope you stick around and get to know me a little bit better! Expect lots of sewing and travel/music adventures!

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